Dance: Enhance your beauty inside out


Dance, personal care Brand for girl teenager who starts to get attention from people around .This group of people focus on their image and beauty to make them more confidence in order to be attractive. As a role of Brand , Dance would like to enhance the teen’s charisma by offering the great scent ,nice smell which appeal to others. Offer 2 product line which help enhance the teen’s confidence which are cologne spray and lotion perfume.

Dance Cologne

Inspired by modernized fined fragrance to offer the great preference fragrance node among teen. Different fragrance profile has been create from teen’s girl’s needs together with an updated trend become an attractive outstanding design packaging. Not irritate the skin but help nourishing skin with nice scent every day.


 2 Series of girl’s cologne that offer the distinctive needs and style they have
Available 3 sizes 20 ml, 60 ml and 100 ml


1. Say it moistfull Cologne :
Start your new day by matching your mood with preference long lasting scent that helps enhance your emotion to show your own style outstandingly. Together with soft and moisturized skins with camellia extract which famous as a natural source of moisturizer.


2. Lady Passion Cologne:
Enhance the girl to do what you love with passion from a scent that remind you to do and to be as you passion in.


Dance Lotion Perfume

New fragrance format with 2 benefits in 1 that offer the nice charming scent and beautify moisture skin from Sheer butter, yoghurt and Almond milk protein. Build your own style charisma to be impressed from others.


 Available in 3 fragrances, 2 sizes 25 ml, 60 ml .