Focus : Take your chance to be charmed

Focus, personal care Brand for men teen which help ensure the guy’s confidence throughout the day. Offer 2 product lines which both create and innovate to enhance the personality and appeal for girls which are Deodorant roll on and cologne spray. Be ready to take your chance with confidence every time you use Focus anywhere anytime.

Focus Cologne

An outstanding design and looks together with modernize long lasting scent that inspired from fine fragrance Brand .We offers a different fragrance node that suit a guy in a different preference fragrance type and character. Make sure that your charisma has been managed to attract the girls around to get every chance that come to you.

2 Series of Men’s cologne that offer the distinctive needs and style they have


1. Deo Alive Cologne:

Not only long lasting fragrance offering, but also help protect the guy from bacteria by adding deodorizer agent. Make you even more confidence!.

2. Ultimate Life Cologne:

With the attitude of once in a man life to Live life to the fullness in your own style, let’s Focus being your inspiration to do as you wish.

Focus Roll On

Break through innovative roll on, first to the world of Deodorant, Focus roll on with active control which help advanced protect effectively from the bacteria that caused bad odor last longer. With the smart anti bacteria system, the bacteria will be eliminating immediately effectively. Your will be comfortable and confidence that you can get closer with people around to take a good change that waiting for you! .

Focus Roll on available in 4 different fragrance and benefit in 2 sizes, 25ml and 25 ml.