Vixol, the expert in toilet and bathroom cleaner. Vixol can remove whatever tough stains and polish the bathroom neat and clean. Vixol targets to develop and innovate the quality product to serve consumer needs and respect for consumer safety.

Vixol Bathroom Cleaner

Vixol Bathroom Cleaner Vixol Duo Action Formula is the new formula developed by the combination of 2 cleaning agents providing - Better cleaning efficacy in removing tough stains - Better scents (less pungent smell) - More safe for users Moreover, Vixol uniquely contains a coating agent (Sodium Acrylates Copolymer) to make surfaces shiny, dry, and not slippery. The more using, the more coating and easier to remove stains.


Vixol Power : The highest cleaning power for heavy duty For removing heavy stains like rust and lime scale stains and very tough stains with effortlessness.

Vixol Smart : The cleaning power for tough stains, clean fast and easily For removing tough stains as well as others up to 10 stains, providing extra bubbles, and cleaning fast and easily.

Vixol Pink : The cleaning power with nice flower fragrance For removing general stains and making your bathroom fresh with nice flower fragrance.

Vixol White: The cleaning power in removing stains, bacteria free, and surfaces coating For total cleaning solution in removing tough stains, kill bacteria 99.9%, and coating surfaces.

Vixol Red : The cleaning power in removing stains especially for lime scale stains For removing lime scale stains together with coating surfaces to make those stains return slower and harder.


Vixol Oxy : Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner

Vixol Oxy : Bathroom and Toilet Cleaner Vixol Oxy is the FIRST EVER INNOVATIVE product in Thailand containing Oxygen power (O2 Power) as the cleaning agent. Vixol Oxy is the only one product delivering both cleaning and safety benefits to users. Oxygen power will soften tough stains so that they can be removed easily while scrubbing. Can remove tough stains up to 12 stains. With Oxygen power, Vixol Oxy will release only nice fragrance, not pungent, and safe to inhale while cleaning. Oxygen power will safe for both bathroom surfaces and your skins, not corrosive. 99.9% bacteria free 2 fragrances available 1.Aqua fresh (Blue) 2.Floral fresh (Pink)


2 fragrances available

(1) Aqua fresh (Blue)

(2) Floral fresh (Pink)