In 1972, Mr. Uthai Thanesvorakul founded Inter Products Marketing Limited with a humble staff number of just three production staff and one sales representative. In the same year, we launched our first product, Vixol Toilet Cleaner. Following its success were other household products such as floor wax, air fresheners and wax removers. We were the first company in Thailand and Southeast Asia to create such products using our very own formula. Since its opening the production facility has had to relocate 5 times to accommodate the ever growing expansion.



saw the division of our Sales and Production departments into two distinct companies, I.P. Sales Limited and I.P. Chemical Limited located in Romkhlao, Minburi. During this time, I.P. Chemical Limited successfully launched more household products with the expansion of its production team to 10 employees.



In 1983, I.P. Chemical Limited was changed to I.P. Manufacturing Limited.



Hygiene, our brand of laundry products, was introduced in 1984, with a range spanning fabric softener, ironing and speed starch. Another brand of household products, Whiz, was also introduced the same year.



Our factory was relocated in 1989 to Bangpoo Industrial Estate in the Samutprakarn province. The following year, we completely relocate all facilities to our current factory in Bangpoo Industrial Estate



Successfully diversified into beverage products introduced Ivy 100% Fruit Juice namely Kiwi, Honeydewmelon, Sour Sherry, etc



Introduced Ivy drinking yogurt.



In 2003, we introduced our Sales Force System with a special focus on our trade and consumer promotions



Introduced SAP system for I.P. Group back office support. Was the year we launched Hygiene Bleach and our refreshing range of Ivy Traditional Coffee and Tea, Ivy Green Tea and Ivy Fruit Punch.



In 2007, we appointed our first Country Manager in The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam to lead our team there


2009 and beyond IP Group entering the stage as a global player.